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Seeking Higher Standards

Director of Will and Probate Services, Nick Ash, has been invited to Chair the Professional Standards Board of the Society of Will Writers. When asked to comment on this new role, Nick said, ‘To be personally recommended by the Director General for this position is an honour, and I aim to continue to improve [...]

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Planning For the Family Home

In this post i'm talking about protecting your property as part of your overall estate planning.  For many people their family home is their most important asset that they want to see passed down the generations to their family. The family home is also the asset they'd hate to see lost to [...]

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Finalists in the National Paralegal Awards 2019

We have just been notified the we are Finalists in the National Paralegal Awards 2019. We have made the shortlist in two different categories – Will & Probate Services is nominated as Will Writing Organisation of the Year and our Managing Director Nick Ash is nominated as Paralegal of The Year. The annual [...]

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WAPS TV 6 – Can a local authority force you to sell your home

We're going to look at whether your local authority can force you to sell your home to pay for care costs. One of the questions I'm asked all of the time is, is my home safe, because quite often your home is the biggest asset that you're going to pass on to [...]

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WAPS TV 5 – Wills for Unmarried Couples

Hello welcome to WAPS TV. My name is Nick Ash and today we're going to talk about Wills for unmarried couples. An interesting anomaly in the British legal system is that being married is still a huge tax advantage. If you're unmarried you cannot inherit off your partner unless you've got a [...]

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WAPS TV 4 – Appointing Trustees

Most Wills will appoint executors which we covered in the last video (if you missed it go here), but executors will generally go on to become trustees.The role of a trustee is really to manage the money of your estate. If there are young children who are inheriting at 18 or older,  that [...]

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WAPS TV 3 – Choosing Executors For Your Will

When you make a Will, one of the questions you're asked will be to choose executors for your Will, a minimum of one and a maximum of four. They should be people you trust to put in place your wishes after your death. Ideally, they should be younger than you, and quite [...]

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WAPS TV 2 – Testamentary Guardians for Children

The sad fact is most young people don't have a Will, and if you're young and with children it's really important you appoint guardians in case anything happens to you and your partner. A Will is the only legal document that allows you to appoint testamentary guardians for your children. What this means [...]

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