Supporting our local community
will always be part of business

The services we offer are intrinsically connected to the lives of both our customers and the community. As our customers and community support us, we in turn put aside time and energy to support causes which help and shape our society for the future.

Islamic wills and guidelines

Supporting families with free legal clinics

Family Voice Peterborough are a charity dedicated to supporting parents of children with special needs. Their mission is to improve services in all areas of the lives of children and young people with disabilities.

One of the areas this charity focus on is to help parents engage with professionals across Health, Education and Social Care. We saw a perfect opportunity to help parents with their questions on estate planning and administration by offering free legal clinics. The issues raised by the attending parents have also been put into a series of online videos which we make freely available.

These free legal clinics and resources enabled parents of children with special needs to make informed decisions about care plans and Will writing, giving peace of mind for the future of their children.

Helping kids ‘level up’ their social skills

The Medeshamstede Academy ( provides pupils with  autistic spectrum conditions (ASC) a calm, safe and supportive environment in which they can thrive. Our staff volunteer at the Academy twice a year to organise and lead games of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). This popular role-playing adventure game helps them develop problem-solving skill, team building, communication and social skills.

In partnership with the Medeshamstede Academy, the senior team here at Will & Probate have developed an annual Workplace Behaviour Awareness Course. Held by our staff, this course assists pupils with workplace etiquette and social skills, helping them to adjust to the work environment and developing essential life skills.

Islamic wills and guidelines
Islamic wills and guidelines

Socially Responsible House Clearances

The nature of our business means we are often involved in the clearance of the homes of deceased clients. Often in these circumstances, home clearance companies empty the entire contents and the vast majority goes to landfill as it is has little resale value.

We decided that we could do better and respect the memory of our clients. By forming close relationships with our local foodbank, we are able to donate non-perishable food items to local families in need. Also, by working closely with Deeping St. James United Charities, we are able to regularly donate furniture, bedding and clothing to people in extreme need. We are proud to have been able to help mothers and children in refuge, homeless people get furniture for new accommodation and many other local families in need.

Reinvesting in the Community

Our Managing Director, Nicholas Ash, is a founding trustee of the Deepings Community Fund. This is a charity supported by local businesses to fund projects and community initiatives for the enrichment of the Deepings area. This charity actively involves public engagement, as residents of the Deepings have an influence on what projects the charity will support. This creates a vital link between residents, businesses and community projects, keeping money in the local economy and residents invested in the future of the area.

Islamic wills and guidelines