In this post we are discussing Wills for blended families. You might start by asking what a blended family is, and the truth is more and more of us are in relationships these days, where perhaps we’re in a second or third marriage, and our spouse or partner has children from a prior relationship. If that’s you, you’re in a blended family.

It’s more complex where you have children and your partner has children. Your wishes may not be the same as your partners and you might have bought assets into the new relationship, which you want to ensure go to your children rather than the children of you and your existing partner. Blended families can be quite complex, the most complex family I ever came across we’re both in their fourth marriage, and they had children from every single relationship. So they had children from seven different relationships, who all needed to benefit from the assets of the family when they died.

That’s the ultimate blended family. But there is a solution. There’s always a solution, by having a properly crafted, well written, legal Will that deals with the affairs of the family, and each relationship. Then you can achieve a balance that everybody’s happy with, and everybody agrees with whilst protecting against the third, fourth, or dare I even say, fifth marriage that might come after you’ve passed away.

Wills, when you’ve got a blended family, are critically important. Take professional advice, and get them written properly. Thanks for watching. Hopefully that was useful for you if you want to find out more about what we do or more information about this video please contact us.

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