Death Without Guardians

What happens if somebody dies when no guardians have been appointed? When you make a Will, one of the most important things you do is appoint Testamentary Guardians for your children if you die. Those are the people who will look after your children legally, if you're no longer around to look [...]

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Wills for Blended Families

In this post we are discussing Wills for blended families. You might start by asking what a blended family is, and the truth is more and more of us are in relationships these days, where perhaps we're in a second or third marriage, and our spouse or partner has children from a [...]

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The facts about Sideways Disinheritance

Sideways Disinheritance is a phenomenon that occurs when one partner dies leaving children and their spouse or partner subsequently remarried. Remarriage by a spouse or partner who's been previously widowed will invalidate the Will that they left with that first partner. Their first partner's wishes may therefore not be respected and what [...]

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Unmarried without a Will

In this post, we are looking at what happens if you die without a Will when you are unmarried but in a relationship.Dying without a Will if you're unmarried or living in a long term relationship is one of the worst things that can happen. Your partner is not entitled to inherit from [...]

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Are you married without a Will?

In this post we are focussing on the issue of dying without a Will if you're married. Dying without a Will is technically called intestacy. Intestacy are the rules that are set down by the government, which says, who will inherit what you leave behind if you haven't made a Will. Quite [...]

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What is a Family Trust?

There's a lot of information out in the media about Family Trusts and what they can do. Alot of media says Family Trusts are complicated and really should be avoided. But if the circumstances are right, a Family Trust can save you and your family an awful lot of tax.Inheritance tax doesn't kick [...]

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What is Tenancy In Common?

Today I'm going to talk about tenancy in common.  Tenancy in what you might ask? Well,  tenants in common is a way of owning property jointly. It may seem strange, but there are two ways to own a property jointly. The first and more common, is called joint beneficial tenants. Joint beneficial [...]

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Planning For the Family Home

In this post i'm talking about protecting your property as part of your overall estate planning.  For many people their family home is their most important asset that they want to see passed down the generations to their family. The family home is also the asset they'd hate to see lost to [...]

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WAPS TV 6 – Can a local authority force you to sell your home

We're going to look at whether your local authority can force you to sell your home to pay for care costs. One of the questions I'm asked all of the time is, is my home safe, because quite often your home is the biggest asset that you're going to pass on to [...]

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WAPS TV 4 – Appointing Trustees

Most Wills will appoint executors which we covered in the last video (if you missed it go here), but executors will generally go on to become trustees.The role of a trustee is really to manage the money of your estate. If there are young children who are inheriting at 18 or older,  that [...]

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