Lifetime Gifting

This post is discussing lifetime gifting, giving things away whilst you're still alive. Making gifts during your lifetime is a really good way of planning for inheritance tax. Each year you can give away up to £3,000 free of any inheritance tax liability. In the first year, you make gifts you can [...]

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What is a Family Trust?

There's a lot of information out in the media about Family Trusts and what they can do. Alot of media says Family Trusts are complicated and really should be avoided. But if the circumstances are right, a Family Trust can save you and your family an awful lot of tax.Inheritance tax doesn't kick [...]

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What is Tenancy In Common?

Today I'm going to talk about tenancy in common.  Tenancy in what you might ask? Well,  tenants in common is a way of owning property jointly. It may seem strange, but there are two ways to own a property jointly. The first and more common, is called joint beneficial tenants. Joint beneficial [...]

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