Planning For the Family Home

In this post i'm talking about protecting your property as part of your overall estate planning.  For many people their family home is their most important asset that they want to see passed down the generations to their family. The family home is also the asset they'd hate to see lost to [...]

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WAPS TV 6 – Can a local authority force you to sell your home

We're going to look at whether your local authority can force you to sell your home to pay for care costs. One of the questions I'm asked all of the time is, is my home safe, because quite often your home is the biggest asset that you're going to pass on to [...]

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WAPS TV 4 – Appointing Trustees

Most Wills will appoint executors which we covered in the last video (if you missed it go here), but executors will generally go on to become trustees.The role of a trustee is really to manage the money of your estate. If there are young children who are inheriting at 18 or older,  that [...]

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WAPS TV 1 – Do I need to write a Will?

One of the most common questions i’m asked is ‘Do I have to make a Will’? Of course the answer is yes! Most people over the age of eighteen will own something that would need to be given to someone else when they died. Without a Will you are subject to something [...]

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Disability and Inheritance – Living with a Disabled Child

Living with a disabled child in the family is a challenge and parents find themselves facing difficult decisions all of the time. We receive enquiries from concerned parents on the subject of disability and inheritance and from experience, find that key areas, especially around how inheritance can affect disability benefits, crop up time and [...]

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Will and Estate Planning Checklist

Our Will and Estate Planning Checklist Well done! By finding this article you are taking the first steps to putting your family first after your passing. Thinking about what happens after death is not easy or comfortable for most of us, but by following our will and estate planning checklist, you will be [...]

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Later Life Planning

What’s better than growing old gracefully? Staying comfortable and solvent as you do so. There’s an art to getting later life planning spot-on, but with our quick list of things to remember you’ll have time to draw breath while you’re drawing your pension. Here’s a startling fact: most people retiring today will spend more than half [...]

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Funeral Costs on the Rise

According to Sun Life’s latest research the average cost of dying is now £8,802. This represents a rise of more than 16 times the rate of inflation. The average cost of a funeral now stands at £3,897, up over 5% since the 2015 Cost of Dying survey. So with the funeral making up almost [...]

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