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Unmarried without a Will

In this post, we are looking at what happens if you die without a Will when you are unmarried but in a relationship. Dying without a Will if you're unmarried or living in a long term relationship is one of the worst things that can happen. Your partner is not entitled to [...]

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Are you married without a Will?

In this post we are focussing on the issue of dying without a Will if you're married. Dying without a Will is technically called intestacy. Intestacy are the rules that are set down by the government, which says, who will inherit what you leave behind if you haven't made a Will. Quite [...]

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Ten Most Important Things About Your Will

Video: Will Writing Tips - 10 Most Important Things Your Will Does In this Will writing tips video and post from Will and probate Services, we look at the ten most important things that you can do with your Will. Number one, your Will is obviously the document that directs who inherits [...]

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Changing Your Will After Divorce

We're going to talk about divorce and what effect that has on your Will. Unfortunately, half of marriages these days end in divorce. Quite often there's a valid Will in place, which leaves everything to your spouse who is now your former spouse. So a question I'm asked really regularly is what [...]

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What is a Disaster Clause in a Will?

Let's talk about about disasters. When you make a Will, you make it for a number of circumstances. If you're the first to die, quite often your wealth will go to your spouse or your partner, either directly or through some sort of Trust arrangement. If you're the second to die, your [...]

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What is a Family Trust?

There's a lot of information out in the media about Family Trusts and what they can do. Alot of media says Family Trusts are complicated and really should be avoided. But if the circumstances are right, a Family Trust can save you and your family an awful lot of tax.Inheritance tax doesn't kick [...]

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What is Tenancy In Common?

Today I'm going to talk about tenancy in common.  Tenancy in what you might ask? Well,  tenants in common is a way of owning property jointly. It may seem strange, but there are two ways to own a property jointly. The first and more common, is called joint beneficial tenants. Joint beneficial [...]

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Seeking Higher Standards

Director of Will and Probate Services, Nick Ash, has been invited to Chair the Professional Standards Board of the Society of Will Writers. When asked to comment on this new role, Nick said, ‘To be personally recommended by the Director General for this position is an honour, and I aim to continue to improve [...]

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