Hello welcome to WAPS TV. My name is Nick Ash and today we’re going to talk about Wills for unmarried couples. An interesting anomaly in the British legal system is that being married is still a huge tax advantage. If you’re unmarried you cannot inherit off your partner unless you’ve got a valid Will in place.

If you’ve got a valid Will in place you can use it to maximise your inheritance tax opportunity. A married couple as the law stands today can be up to £140,000 pounds better off in tax benefits than an unmarried couple. The right will will redress that balance for you if you’re an unmarried couple. If you’re unmarried, chances are you’ve had a prior relationship, you might have children from that prior relationship and you might want to look after them as well as looking after your partner. If that’s the case then you need a valid Will as I said without a valid will you’re subject to the rules of intestacy and your partner just simply can’t inherit from you. It’s not part of the government scheme. Now the law may change and we can all trust to luck but the best thing to do is if you’re unmarried and in a relationship you need to make a Will.

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