In this post we’ll get a look at the things you can give away in your Will. Giving away something in a Will is called a legacy. A legacy can be almost anything. Quite often it’s an amount of money or it’s a family heirloom. A legacy can be to a charity, a church or an organisation, but sometimes legacies can be quite unusual. Somebody once asked me, can I give my house to my cat. I think they had an argument with their partner. The answer was No. But quite often people are really really concerned about their pets and they want to make legacies to their pets in their will to make sure their pets are re-homed and cared for for the rest of their lives. If the owner dies other things we’ve given away in Wills include pianos to schools, but the most common jewelry in most Wills is a gift of a wedding ring, because it’s a sentimental item. Legacies are often the sentimental items, they’re not often the big things. You can’t give your home as a legacy to an individual. I hope you found this useful if you want to find out more or contact us.