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Two Thirds of people haven’t made a will, but we all need to. From the initial question What is a Will, through to the most complex Inheritance Tax Planning we can help. Call us today on 01778 752861Find out more

Probate & Estate Administration

Losing a loved one is a traumatic time, we will help you through the administrative nightmare that follows a death. If you don’t know what probate is, if you need it or how to get probate call us today on 01778 752861 we can help… Find out more

Lasting Power of Attorney

Who will make decisions for you if you can’t?
If you haven’t made the right arrangements the answer could be the courts and social services, to avoid this happening to you call us today 01778 752861
Find out more

Trusts and Tax

What Is a Trust? – What Types of Trust are there? – Is a Trust right for you
sing Trusts can be one of the best ways of planning for future generations or protecting your assets, but there are many factors to consider so you will need help…. Find out more

Long Term Care

One in three people will need some form of long term care, if you need advice on protecting your assets or paying for care we can help… Find out more

Deputyship and The Court of Protection

Applying to represent someone as a court appointed deputy can be complex. We can help guide you through the application process…. Find out more

Funeral Planning

Planning your funeral in advance can save money and heartache, working with our partners Safe Hands we can help you to make your final arrangements… Find out more