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Trusts and Tax Planning

“Inheritance Tax – it is, broadly speaking, a voluntary levy paid by those who distrust their heirs more than they dislike the Inland Revenue”

Roy Jenkins MP – 1986

Minimising tax and protecting assets are two of the main reasons that our clients come to us for advice. Whilst the most recent moves from the government have been broadly favourable for those of us who have property wealth, the fact remains that the amount of money that the treasury receives from inheritance tax is rising each year.

Trust and Tax planning is a specialist area, which when done well can save families tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds. Tax bills can be deferred or in some cases eradicated. Done badly, you can face immediate tax bills without any benefits into the future. Protecting assets as well as ensuring the smooth transition of wealth between generations is important so talk to us today.

The inland revenue rules and tax rates have changed multiple times since Roy Jenkins made his famous remarks in 1986, but they remain as true today as they were then. Call us today book a meeting and let us start to build your family trust and taxation strategy.


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Here are just a few things that our clients say about us:

estate planning client

Our circumstances were complex – or so we thought, no children and no family to speak of. Nick worked with us to identify the best options for our estate and recommended setting up a charitable trust, we can now be certain that our estate will benefit all of the causes that we support after our deaths.

by G & S P. Lincolnshire

Our experience of Will and Probate Services has been excellent, they are knowledgeable and always happy to help. They are definitely specialists in Wills and planning for later life. But the best thing about them is that they are much cheaper than the local solicitors and offer a better service.

by P.G. Cambridgeshire.

Mum’s health hadn’t been so good and she was becoming frail and confused. Because I live out of the country I needed help and advice from someone I, and more importantly Mum, could trust. Nick and his team have been great they set up lasting powers of attorney for her so that we can look after her home, her bills and her care.

by J.R.T. South Africa

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