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Types of Trust

Trusts for Tax Planning can be very effective when planning for Inheritance Tax and passing your wealth through the generations, whether we are making best use of your business assets through a Business Property Trust, Generation skipping with a Property Protection Trust or using Pilot and Bypass trusts to pass assets outside of your estate we can come up with a solution to minimise your tax liability and pass on assets effectively.

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Trust Types

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Tax Planning Trusts

Having a vulnerable person in the family is often a full time occupation, but what will happen when you are not around, who will look after them and their money?

A Vulnerable persons trust can ensure you make provision for your relatives without affecting their care package. You can appoint Trustees to look after their assets and set out your wishes about their continuing welfare.

This type of trust can be very Tax Efficient but you will need specialist advice when setting it up. Call us now on 01778 752861 We Can Help.

Trusts for Vulnerable People

As we get older threats to our assets come from many corners in many forms, The Taxman, Your Local Authority, Ex Daughters and Sons in Law are among the most frequent.

It is often possible to protect your main assets against these and many other threats, you can also use protection trusts to save on probate fees and to enable multi generational wealth planning.

Asset and Property Protection Trusts are not for everyone, but if you need advice on suitability and setting one up give us a call today 01778 752861

Property & Asset Protection Trusts

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