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We all need to put our affairs in order and the feeling of relief when you have done it is fantastic. If making your will is on your to do list phone us today we will help.


If you are worried about your family circumstances we can set your mind at rest. If your affairs are complex we will offer a solution. If you don't know where to start - start with us call free today 01778 752 861

Why should you use Will & Probate Services?


Over the past ten years we have delighted thousands of clients, bringing certainty to their families. After you have had your legal documents drawn up by us you can relax, confident that -

  • Your family know your wishes and can act on them without fuss.

  • Your wealth will pass quickly and efficiently to future generations.

  • If you have health issues in the future your loved ones are in a position to help without interference from the authorities.

  • Your assets are protected from outside interference.

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Our client S A Clarke shares his experience of working with Will and Probate Services to finally write his will.